Easter Egg comedown....🙅🏽🍫

So......I'm still eating chocolate eggs, are you?? Breaking that bit off each time the fridge door opens, yes that's me. I'm a total sucker for Red Tulip Chocolate 🤦🏽‍♀️ Shoot me at Easter next year, ok?



But let's talk about Easter. It was absolutely amazing in our small combined town of 11,000 people. I think I heard whispers it escalates to about 30,000 people over Easter Wkd! Amazing hey!? It was my first Easter in the shop and let's just take a moment to pat myself and my awesome little helpers on the back 👏🏽👏🏽 It was totally insane!! But a GREAT insane!


Even though we are still experiencing 27 deg days, the Autumn Winter chill is on its way. And boy oh boy do we have some divine knits already in store with more arriving until June!! I'm excited because I love Winter Fashion! Bring it on so I can wear my jeans, boots, jackets, knits and scarves!!


Also, H&L now has ZipPay!! This is the newest, awesomest way to lay by pieces and be able to take them home with you or have them sent out straight away! All you need to do is make regular payments that suit you and voila...everyone's a winner!!


Thats all from me folks, it's shut shop time and almost boot camp time..... x K